In Gloom (EP)

by Vorvaň

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released September 9, 2013

All lyrics written by Eli Mavrychev, all music composed by Vorvaň

Produced and recorded at Pentagram House Studio by Igor Butz, Moscow, RU

Mixed by Timur Meloco Mukhametzyanov, Kazan, RU
Mastered by Carl Saff
Additional keys in #2 Isolation by Timur Meloco Mukhametzyanov
Artwork by Ilya Gromov (photo) and Igor Butz (design)

Eli Mavrychev - vocals
Eugene Cherevkov - guitars
Igor Butz - bass
Alex Merganov - drums



all rights reserved


Vorvaň Russian Federation

dive right to the bottom
and feel the power of whale punk

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Track Name: Fire Burst into a Blaze
Blame is what awakens contradictions and leads us to disbelief
Scooping malice from the rotten sources
Creeping into our very minds
Stabbing souls of our loved ones
Blame drives insane
Those times we lost
Fire burst into a blaze
We bear the cross
But still remain being slaves
Silence rips my heart to thousand pieces
Recurring every endless night
As if I'm chained with the titanic braces
And I keep shouting at the lights
Contradictions within my soul dessicate my veins so dry
Flaming fields of sorrow beg me to give up
These splitting noises break me fucking down
This sadness is taking me away
Embittering my very mind
Inception of a brand new day is leaving emptiness behind
Track Name: Isolation
Trapped in the walls of thorn
Surrounded by the faceless
Dissolving stains of war
I try to leave these mazes
Set ablaze
Set this land ablaze
I will burn
I'll be burnt away
Distorted figures in my eyes are looming up to collide
The falling stars remind me where I stay
The only way amongst distress and pain
All blossoms die and then regenerate
Let me pay
Buy my body out
Overstep these bounds
These twisted gestures in the space are forming tempting bloody trace
Exploding rosebuds gush prickly coils
I'm not supposed to be here
Trapped in the walls of thorn
I remain isolated
My isolation is forever
Evil wreathe around my neck
God, I'm the one who always followed you
Every moment of succourless life
Please take my last message home
And bless my loved ones while I am fading here
God, find a place for me
Take my soul
Track Name: Alco Side
You waste your fucking life
Disclaiming all the realness
But try to find yourself in shit
Make up your filthy mind
And put the blindfold off your eyes
Break all the bounds right now
And make a step to alco side
You've got to know the guns that we stick to
You've got to swear the love that we drink for
You've got to face the hell that we all fall to
Just let it fucking go
Let it go
Another story is already drowned in your own lake of the memories to kill
Open your eyes
You're now on the alco side
Track Name: Dead Beat Circus
Silent composure, serenity, philosophy of life
Are killed by chaos brought by these mad servants of darkness
Of this dead beat circus of freaks
Vague to the lights and starving for blood
Life disorders all that was so strong
They are the orphans aborted by their doom
Deformed by God's hands and left alone in gloom
Dead beat circus
Scaring each other they run from pain
They're tortured victims
Of this dead beat circus of freaks
Yelling for help and ripping themselves
Life is breaking all that was so long
Contamination of innocent spirits
Is this the only fate to belong to?
Abomination and fatal way leave no fucking chances to survive in this gloom
We are doomed to loose
We've got to kill our opposite within