Once Love Was Lost

by Vorvaň

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Michael Love this band perfectly blends mathcore and chaotic hardcore sensibilities with good old fashioned hard rock and heavy metal. Amazing album. Favorite track: Third Case Scenario.
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"Full of brilliantly catchy, straightforward rock pleasures" METAL HAMMER
"Hardcore album of the year" METAL TRENCHES
"Violent chaotic attack" LEGACY MAGAZINE
"Hard-slugging, skull-battering, electrifying piece of metallic hardcore viciousness" NO CLEAN SINGING
"Friously political punk record" DAILY COLLEGIAN
"Completely frenetic, harsh and smashes out some good old thrash" THE PUNK ARCHIVES
"Stunning. Striking. Scary" METALNEWS
"Precise musical acumen and an overall great sounding record" TOILET OV HELL


released October 14, 2016

All music composed and produced by Vorvaň, all lyrics written by Eli Mavrychev

Eli Mavrychev - lead vocals, backing vocals, guitars
Eugene Cherevkov - guitars
Igor Butz - bass
Zakk Hemma - drums, backing vocals

Guest musicians:
Meghan O'Neil Pennie (Punch, Super Unison) - vocals on "Sirens"
Armin Schweiger (Afgrund, Distaste) - vocals on "The Black Kaleidoscope"

Igor Butz - engineering at Pentagram House Studio
Kurt Ballou - mixing at Godcity Studios
Brad Boatright - mastering at Audiosiege
Jack Shirley - additional recording at The Atomic Garden Studio
Lukas Haidinger - additional recording at Ddf Studios
Timur Mukhametzyanov - additional engineering
Hal Rotter - artwork
Eli Mavrychev - concept, design, layout
Eva Ivanova - photography



all rights reserved


Vorvaň Russian Federation

dive right to the bottom
and feel the power of whale punk

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Track Name: Of Menace and Favour
Since I hardly keep my eyes open
And try to discern the truth
I realize it's time to fight
They have our senses on a string
With virulent mixture of menace and favour
They make us all believe
In what they call to live
They take away the cure
But they're not the chosen few
They're not the chosen few

I'm sure this is what we deserve
Dark matter poisoned our lives
We're unaware of being chained
With humble submission we gave up traditions
There is no time to loose
We have to stop abuse
Just try to look around
And to refine your mind
Refine your poisoned mind

Break the blow
We should behold
Rise as one
And break it down

Don't let them fascinate your soul
As parasites we root in our blood
Too blind to see what's happening above
We are the bearers of human selfishness
With eyes tight shut we turn ourselves to casualties
Like rats we run along the walls
We are the tragedy
We are the great mistake
Track Name: Sirens
Watch two crawl from the depths
Such beautiful enemies
As they lounge on the island sand
Contagion of fear captures my men

And they begin with their singing
And I can't take a hold on myself
I just command to set me free
But my crew keeps me bound with ropes

I've never heard so beautiful voices before
I pray my Lord to give me strength

This is not the only time we are in danger
Let the winds carry us away

Let us leave this place
And ride the storm again
Let them fall into the sea
I believe
Let us stand
Let us stand till the end

There's no hope for the men who once hear their voice
They warble to death with their songs
Track Name: Third Case Scenario
Sleeping soul waits for the wind to blow
Does not even seem to wake for the last time
Wrapped in cold, laid under the snow
With not a single chance to grant her lungs one try
Lull your heart and hear me whisper
I'll never let you down
These cold, these coldest nights will go through
There must be the way to you

You've never thought how nice it is to breathe
When you feel the wind and the Sun shines extremely bright
You'd never quit this life if you perceived
How it is too see what's behind the light

It's not a danger
Although it's dark behind this blinding light
It's up to you to stay or move
This is the time to decide
This is the very time to decide

Up to the niveous lands of perfect bliss and tranquil souls
Up to the skies where you could heal your wounds
Or down to burning storm of dust and filth
Choking you with smoke and tears

Bitterness and sorrow fill your sleeping heart
Internal collisions shatter your mind
Now chase your anguish away
And cling to life
Take a look at our shadows in praise of supreme force
And choose the third case scenario
Why are you chosen by the gods?
Just cling, please cling to life with me

Come on
Just cling to life
Please summon up all strength you have and cling to life
I rush to rescue, I will find you no matter how
Track Name: Last to Witness
You'll never behave like martyrs singing their woes
You'll never reflect like humans counting their bones
Now get all your wounds of the tapes
Forget everything that you had
And free all that you thought about
Blushing hopes have never saved a soul
There's no purity in our loves
Pulling triggers will never save the world
All those blessings were just a fault
Their blood still breeds the infection
That spreads in half a shake
Our minds are in possession
No matter what we make
Corroded chains and burning shackles restrain us
Your sun goes down, lower than ever

Since human brain is structured
And feelings got abused
You're last to witness death of all we knew
Embrace the memory pieces
That wither in your head
Cause nothing will be changed before an end

You're too close to step down
To devour your dying feelings
There's no need to survive
Humanity is led to the very end

It's up too long to receive this pain
And lost emotions shared by the ancestors of humankind

You're struck with the circular motions of withering minds
And left to submissively suck all these lies
Track Name: Celestine
Here I lay
Writhe in pain
Thinking back
Thinking of your grace
Never pleased by your love before
I perceive all you have shown me

My saviour
Come again
Take away my pain
For the love of these darkened days
My saviour
Come again

Still I lay
Writhe in pain
Looking back
At my crooked path
Tearing down my somatic forms
Atrophy wrapped all over me

My saviour
Come again
Take away my pain
For the love
Of these darkened days
My saviour
Come again

I take my desolation
I split my lungs with the swallow
Expecting to feel your faith
Set my heart in motion
Send my mind emotions

I feel low, so low
I'm dying to find you
Hear my cries under the cope of night
It's so cold, so cold
I'm dying to pass through
The gates of glass guiding to the light

Once love was lost
Track Name: Breothan
Restrain your perfect care
And leave me bleeding from inside
Because I can no longer remain in your life
Just leave me here and step outside
The way I feel just weights me down

There's nothing left for me to see
And it's me who's left for you to free
Let these daggers drain my body of the blood
Let the gallows purify my soul of sins and mud

Restrain your perfect care
And leave me bleeding from inside
Because I can no longer remain in your life

I'm too faint and weakened to find a solution
And those feelings will always remind me of you

This sore heart weights me down
Empty inside I've got nothing to gain
I'm not worried, just fading away
It's my burden to see
My heart will never heal

Life is giving the long
Way to understand
What we deserve and we are worth

Threatening motions
Misleading, bombing, killing
Drowning oceans
Track Name: Turned Away
She's walking down the street
Her face is so amazingly sweet
She's wearing high heeled shoes
I want her to be my own muse

But I stay where I sigh
Because I'm made of something wrong for her
My intent is to deal only with the scum me

I'm staring at her as if it's a dream
My heart is beating faster than I believe
Her face is something really heavenly
Her curvy shapes and tiny skirt are stunning me
But I just turn away
And keep on verging to decay
Cause I'll never be fed up
Of booze and drugs and nasty sluts

But I stay where I sigh
Because I'm made of something wrong for her
My intent is to deal only with the scum me

Cause I'll never be fed up
Of booze and drugs and nasty sluts
Track Name: The Black Kaleidoscope
No frantic power lasts in boiling hearts we trust as one
The black kaleidoscope is set in motion
Those wings we cleaned so hard now have all feathers gone
It's long past time to stop carrying false devotion
We've been so vain for too long
I've cut my tongue to become that dumb
I've ripped my eyes out to be that blind
There's no escape
No hope for salvation
I am the freewill sacrifice

Our signs decay in ruthless fire
Our sacred scriptures glow in flames
This is the day when it all turns black
And finally dissipates
We finally fade away

Enslaved by our demons we bury ourselves
With the fading shine of our wasted lives
We've burnt our signs
I've made my piece
I am free from the Earth
I've caught the pitch black kiss
Of black kaleidoscope
I am the freewill sacrifice
I am the sacrifice

Bless the prophecies
The code that I've been scratching onto walls for years
For the doomsday, for the holy comfort
Now I turn to ashes with my legend, the cult I swore on
Track Name: When Serpent Strikes First
False grace of weakened pace
Contaminated nations in erratic mess
Repulsion and grime will thick the curse
Emblazoning iconoclastic controversies

If serpent strikes my body first I'll quiet down
There's no one left to claim that I'm insane

I am so fucking sickened by the lies I hide
Braced hands and shallow trace
Abandoned to despair, suffering distress
As waters run dry we drink the swill
Descending deeper and deeper into the dust

If serpent strikes my body first I'll quiet down
There's no one left to claim that I'm insane

This poetry is for the poor
The one of sopping sand, of malice and the sour will come
Dispersing fleets of crows and breaking the mold
He will create the mortal flood

Hail the fortune we all will be buried
Forever in the dark
Track Name: The End (Hemicrania)
As soon as I seem to recover from the throes of a sickness
It hits me again with the most horrible pain
I can feel it coming back
But I wish that was not what I fear

Drifting towards completion
Of this hideous fiction
I can feel it coming back
Unmistakeable devildom

I would die
To be the god's right hand man
Or the devil's favourite demon
There must be not so much pain in hell

The crucial moment of doom is near
And my perceptions refuse to fear the end

It goes on and on
For the last time till the end, very end
When the life meets death
When the skies turn dark for me
When the sickness sets me free

There must be not so much pain in hell