Sailing the Vastness of Oceans (EP)

by Vorvaň

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released February 11, 2012

Recorded at Destroy the Humanity Studios, RU
Mixed and mastered by Timur Meloco Mukhametzyanov, RU
Artwork by Maxim Kobzev, Birdfall Graphics

Additional vocals in "Buried So Deep" by Roman Gab Cherenkov (.crrust, The Belch, Tombstone Piledriver)

Eli Mavrychev - vocals
Eugene Cherevkov - guitars
Igor Butz - bass, backing vocals
Sasha Fursov - drums



all rights reserved


Vorvaň Russian Federation

dive right to the bottom
and feel the power of whale punk

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Track Name: Swap Your Guts for Melons
You don't want to hear all our questions because you're all day teasing your slut
We were always making crap together but now it seems that you have lost your guts
Why don't you stay with us?
You know the truth but you're too blind to see it
And we all perseve that you've swapped your guts for melons
For her slutty melons
What the fuck is going on
How dare you suck her puss
You'd better change your mind
Brush away of this bluntness
Track Name: God's Tearstrain
Counting the numbers of eternal raindrops
I walk in the midnight on the empty highway road
Stay, remain on my way, don't go away I beg you, I pray
I want you to come out of this disembodying mist
God's tearstrain is floating me forth to you
Why feel so weird I can't explain
My count gets lost
No more complains
What a shame to eat the poison that people make by their own hands
Healing game, transgression moves on
My shine is fading away like yours
Ice glaze covers me
We toss ourselves in space
We blame our shades to obscure our trace
I want you to know something I saw when I was tripping so long
These empty roads steal all emotions
Track Name: Metaphorazine
It drags so deep you cannot fear
You may belong to metaphorazine
Every clockwork day
I wish you were too strong lie
Sometimes I feel injured in heart
Now and forever you look through blind eye figured glass
You're drowned
Databanks broken
Only fragments left to you
Cascade of numbers
The coded remains of Planet Earth
I see twin moons
One bone white
The other blood coloured
Is this the way you've been talking about?
Fight for your life
Beware the reigns of light
Is this the way you've been talking about?
Track Name: Pervertito
What a weekend
I met Molly
When I was drinking with my guys she crossed my sight in a pub
Oh how I wished her to be mine
And I've driven up to her
We have set a date so fast and I was so happy but Molly kisses like a pig
What the hell?
My balls were afraid
I thought she's gonna swallow my face
Where could I run and how could I hide
That's a bygone question
I wanted to quit this venture
I even started to sober
But she abused me so mightily
I couldn't move and she was right
When I've felt Molly's fingers in my ass we started to joy and have fun
We've cracked the laws and we look around how you suck and we fuck
What a weekend
I met Molly
These loony ladies are so sexy
Just take a look at my joyful grin
Track Name: Buried So Deep
You told me the way I have to go alone
My path to eternity
Is my mind still in my head
Is the answer in mind
My breed is gonna die
Nevermind what I have done
Punishment is now begun
It's reducing my lifetime
Reducing my last faith
I can't stand anymore
Conclusion of the game expands my fault
You told me the way I have to go alone
And I keep on falling
Our world is full of whores
I can't take it anymore
I think I'm gonna break down
I'd like to die
I've got no faith
I keep on falling away
Living my life away
It is so hard to pretend
I think I break down
Sinking in the bloody mere
I'll take on one more ride
It seems we all will die
Suffering walk to hollow end
I won't return back
So hard to try and so nice to die
It's so delicious to worry but now it doesn't bother me
What we believed in is now buried so deep
It is buried so deep
This is my fault
I break down
I pray
Track Name: Whalers
Sailing the vastness of oceans whalers seek for the new prey
Watching for inobnoxious souls from the depths
Some vorvaň to consume and some flesh to vend
These abject peterman dimwits don't care of them
I'll catch you some way
I know you must be here
You cannot hide from the whalers' eyes
And all these faults will seem to be one of their mortal sins
Sailing the oceans they saw the new pain
Life's loosing value they take away
Thousands lifes were fading wounded by harpoon edge and covered by oil and blood
They prowl about searching for the prey
They sail around tracking whales
Just look around
Carving whale flesh will carry your forfeit
For God's sake stop and repent
Whales won't be heared